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We invest in

Seed stage with MVP

Up to € 150k

Central and Eastern Europe

We offer apart from funding

Our experience

Our team is based on successful entrepreneurs, who are ready to transfer their hard gained knowledge

Our network

Our partners have extensive personal networks, and Central Group provides us broad company net


Through Central Media Group we can offer publicity on the most suitable media platform

Our Team


Varga Zoltán

Chairman of the Board


Szigeti Károly

Board Member


Szügyi Gergely

Board Member


Gerő Viktor

Managing Partner


Krausz Zoltán

Investment Director


Radnai Tamás



Iváncsics Pál



Nagy Dénes

Portfolio Manager


Detki Dániel

Investment Analyst

Our Portfolio

iBlueOpen is a smart, keyless security system for electric doors. ,,Use your mobile as a key!”
be-novative makes large and small enterprise innovation more engaging for large number of people, fun and efficient with a SaaS and a mobile app.
ANGL is the first niche-livestreaming app and also a platform that allows for building unlimited number of niche-apps through similar-interest community targeting and whitelabeling.
Pressenger app leads the way to a revolutionized mobile communication. The application send a pre-call pictured message along with conventional GSM mobile call, combining and boosting it with smart functions.
Cross-platform corporate mobile application developer team based on JavaScript/Html5.
eMMUNITY’s technology tailors cancer immunotherapy to each patient by computing their immune responses from their gene (HLA) sequence.
KWINDOO is an integrated cross-platform organizing and management system for sailing regatta administrators and a mobile tracking application for racing participants. Includes an instant communication channel and enables real time-broadcasting during race events.
MINIVERSUM is an interactive tourist and family site of Budapest which has opened May 2014. The exhibition offering playful entertainment and unique experience in the heart of the City.
Recruitment team specialized in sales, administrative and financial positions. Their service include headhunting and handle outsourced HR tasks also.
Booking platform for private doctor’s visits by calendar booking and with reviews from former patients.
L&D apps
The Sales Professional app assists the user to apply communication elements complying with the character and behavior style of his/her customer. It is an excellent tool for the development of sales skills whereby the user is able to communicate with the customers more efficiently and resolutely.
Multifunctional unique design accessory collection by a young professional stylist, Eszter Bodi.

Investment process

We strive to disburse within 100 days

1. One-pager

2. Non Disclosure Agreement

3. Business Plan

4. Term Sheet

5. Due Diligence

6. Contract

1st day - upload one-pager here

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